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Yangguang Aim

Corporation Profile

Lanzhou Yangguang Carbon Group, which contains Lanzhou Yangguang Carbon Co., LTD. , Wuhai Yangguang Carbon Co., ltd., Xinjiang Yangguang Carbon Co., ltd., is the largest electrode paste supplier in china specializing in the production of energy-saving self-baking electrode (electrode paste), using in various ore-smelting electric furnace. All of the production lines are under PLC computer automation control. Our annual production capacity is about 1 million tons. Among them, annual production capacity of Lanzhou Yangguang Carbon company is about 300,000 tons, and in Wuhai Yangguang Carbon company is about 400,000 tons, and 300,000 tons per year from Xinjiang Yangguang Carbon company. Our users are from 26 provinces and cities and there are more than 200 manufacturers and more than 300 furnaces using our self-baking electrode, Yangguang electrode paste has occupied about 92% of above 25500KVA ore-smelting furnace in all home market. Meanwhile, our products are exported to Myanmar, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, South Korea and Vietnam and other countries, won wide acclaim from customers and the general trust.
At present, our company has successfully developed various types of self-baking electrode to suit for all kinds of furnace, among that the largest furnace is above 81000KVA. Our electrode paste suit for calcium carbide furnace, nickel system, silicon system, manganese system, chromium ferroalloy, and various special ferroalloy ore-smelting furnace. Yangguang Group promise that we can research and produce self-baking electrode with any power as long as the customer have any power ore-smelting furnace!
Lanzhou Yangguang Carbon Co., Ltd was designated the maker of industry standard by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2013. The energy-saving self-baking electrode (electrode paste) industry standard which is drafted by us had passed the review, approval and formal implementation in 2014.
We sincerely hope to enhance exchanges, cooperate honestly, go with new and old customers forward hand in hand, create brilliant tomorrow together!                    c

The company development

In 2004 passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification;
In 2007 obtained “China Quality Recognized Famous Brand” title;
In 2008 named “Chinese Research and Development of Electrode Paste Base” by China Calcium Carbide Industry Association;
In 2007-2010 won consecutive tax advanced unit title and “Advanced Unit” from the Development of Non-public Ownership Economy;
In 2010 named “Chinese Electrode Paste Research and Development Base” by the Chinese Carbon Industry Association. In October, we set up energy-saving self-baking electrode (electrode paste) research and development funds with the Carbon Material Research Institute of Hunan University;
In 2010-2014 “AAA Credit Client” continuously certified by LANZHOU BANK;
In 2011 passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification;
In 2011 named “The Famous Brand Products In Gansu Province”, and won the top 11th among the Gansu Private Enterprises;
In 2012 awarded “The Science and Technology Innovation” identified by China Calcium Carbide Industry Association;
In 2012 awarded “The Special Award” identified by China Calcium Carbide Industry Association;
In 2014 as “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” identified by Gansu Province Ministry Committee.

Corporate Culture

Enterprise Aim: By turning company into college, increasing knowledge, changing mind, working hard, enhancing income, and carrying out insistently the established “dual hundreds aim” and “three harvest” of Yangguang company, we will achieve the mission that everyone of Yangguang has apartment, every home of Yangguang staff has car, and everyone of Yanggang has deposit in banks, and to be rich together as our aim.
Enterprise Spirit: Struggle, Progress, Exploit, Development
Enterprise Style: Strict, Careful, Quick, Practical
Enterprise Services: Honest, Enthusiasm and Attentive, For the purpose of customer’s fully satisfaction
Four Guidelines of Produce
Sealing, Environmental Protection, Computerize, Automatization
Five “The Most “ Advantages:
1. Best quality (most stable in use)
2. Competitive price (most worthwhile in cost accounting)
3. Satisfied service (customers can be at ease entirely)
4. Largest throughput (supply enough)
5. Trust-In corporation (reliable)
Services Concepts:
1.Everyone of Yangguang person must obey this rule that there is no festival and holiday in 365 days and serve customers at every moment in every day, and customer full satisfaction is our purpose.
2. Three rely-on: Let customers rely on our quality, service and integrity.
3. Three foundation one focus: Production, sale and service like the three legs of a tripod, they are the same important. Our focus is to promote sale by attentive service.